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Unsatisfied Customers, Part I

A few comments from petition signers. First up, Brian:

I live in Oklahoma City which is 250 miles from Arlington, 350 miles to Kansas City, and 500 miles to St. Louis, and 680 miles to Denver. Why would Oklahoma be blacked out from viewing all four of those teams on MLB.TV? It is a minimum three hour drive to the closest game. I am not renewing my subscription this year because I cannot watch any of the games I want to see. If the black outs were lifted, especially for the Rangers, I would gladly shell out the money for the MLB.TV package.


I live in Abilene, TX…only 165 miles from The Ranger’s Ballpark in Arlington, I know this because I make this trip as often as possible. The problem I have, I can only watch about half the Rangers games on TV here because of my cable provider…so, to get around this…I purchased MLBTV..only to find I’m blacked-out of the Ranger games I’d like to watch. That’s ridiculous in my eyes…I want to support my team as often as possible, even to the point where I payed an extra $110 bucks to watch the other half of the games I couldn’t see on cable. Please do away with these EXTREME black-out rules and allow the game of baseball to continue to grow


Dear MLB, I am an A’s fan who used to live in Boston, and I was previously a very satisfied customer of MLB.TV, to which I subscribed for 3 years. Now that I’ve moved back to the Bay Area, I don’t subscribe anymore. Why should I? To watch Royals games? Yeah right. And don’t even get me started on watching big teams like the Red Sox and Yankees… they get enough exposure as is. You see, I am a busy man and only make time to watch my beloved A’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or means to attend every A’s game in person, and I refuse to subscribe to cable television. I am the kind of niche customer to which you should be marketing your online services. I would love nothing more than to pay 100 bucks a year so that I can watch the A’s live anywhere I go on my computer. As you see, I demand, you just have to supply.


March 30, 2008 at 3:49 am 2 comments



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