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From the “news” desk:

Matt Smith is a 24-year-old A’s fan who lives in Norwich, England, and he is starting his fourth season as a member of the MLB.TV generation.

I’ll give you three guesses why they didn’t write this article about me, an A’s fan in Oakland.

There are too many reasons to subscribe, such as logging onto his computer this past week to watch the A’s split a pair with Boston in Japan.

Call me a crazy baseball fan, but I woke up at 3 am Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to watch those games in Japan. I was blacked out, of course. For games at 3 am. Being played in Japan.

When asked why he is such an avid MLB.TV fan — one of more than one million fans who have watched live games this way — Smith replied via e-mail:

Want to watch all 162 of your favorite team’s regular-season games? No problem

No problem! If you live in Norwich, England.

Want to risk a heart attack watching all of the outings by your fantasy team’s starters? Go right ahead. Don’t want to miss any of the big games and dramatic moments that make up an MLB season? Thanks to MLB.TV, you don’t have to.

“None of the above would be possible without MLB.TV and my experience as a baseball fan would be much poorer as a result.

You said it, Matt! Without, many of us baseball fans wouldn’t be able to do all those things you just said. In fact, we can’t, and our experiences as baseball fans are much poorer as a result. But we’re all thrilled that one of the 9 baseball fans in England is satisfied.

As usual, your fellow baseball fans, like Smith, make the best case for why it is in everyone’s interest to subscribe to MLB.TV.

If you live in England, which is aparently MLB’s target demographic.

And once again, there will be fans all over the world following their favorite club live on MLB.TV because they don’t live near the team, because they are traveling, because they are at school — more reasons all the time.

And if you do live near the team, well, you’d better get yourself out to every single game, or be sure to be at home in front of the TV (if you have have one with cable) and not at school or work or at the coffee shop or hanging out at a friend’s house who insists on watching a basketball game instead. Beyond that, move to England, and you’ll never miss a thing!

Try it out, and you are likely to share this sentiment of Matt Smith:

“I can’t imagine being without it.”

I can.


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