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MLBlackout’s Thoughts on Proxies and Other Ways to “Beat the System”

For those who’ve been dismayed about’s blackouts, a common first response is to look for ways to beat the system and avoid getting blacked out. Yes, it’s possible to do this. Yes, we’ve read all the forums that describe exactly how to do it. Yes, we know how to use Google.

But, it is MLBlackout’s position that baseball fans (and paying customers) shouldn’t have to bother with these tactics to watch their favorite team’s baseball games. If you, an individual fan, want to do it, we understand and don’t blame you in the least. But, discussion of ways to circumvent blackouts won’t have any place at this blog, and any comments discussing, advising, or advocating blackout circumvention will be deleted immediately.

To us, it’s simple:

  • It is against’s Terms of Service, which every user agrees to when buying, to circumvent blackouts
  • Baseball fans shouldn’t have to lie, cheat, and steal their way into paying money to watch baseball games
  • Focusing on pressuring Major League Baseball and the Office of the Commissioner to act now to abolish the blackout policy (which is in absolutely everyone’s best interests) is the best result for all fans of baseball and

Until that happens, what you decide to do about blackouts is entirely up to you. We hope that, regardless of what you decide to do, you join us in the effort to end the blackouts for everyone.


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